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We Walk

Smart Cane and Mobile Application

Meet the Maker: We Walk


We Walk is a smart cane which detects obstacles above chest level with ultrasonic sensor and warns with vibration.

When paired with the WeWALK mobile application via Bluetooth, the user can manage integrations with WeWALK’s touchpad, without holding their phone. For example, the user can get navigation on the WeWALK device.

You can customize your cane via WeWALK App. Change obstacle detection distance, sound level and more.

Each integration developed for WeWALK brings new features with software updates. WeWALK is integrated with Voice Assistant and Google Maps.

The WeWALK mobile application increases the power of the WeWALK Smart Cane by providing outdoor navigation, way-finding features, Amazon Alexa, public transportation integrations (beta) and customization for your smart cane.



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