By 2030 more than 2 billion people will need assistive technology - Are you one of them?

We provide reviews from Adaptive Consumers and Health Professionals  from  across the globe, so you can purchase the right Assistive Technologies to make the everyday and extraordinary possible.

Eazilee was born from the ideas of a frustrated Occupational Therapist who wondered why in a world full of innovation, flair and design it was impossible for a young family member to find stylish Assistive Tech he was proud to show his mates.

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Why Don't we review when it comes to disability?

Everyday we rely on peer experiences to help us make better decisions. What to buy, Where to travel, What to watch, What to eat.

So lets start talking about Disability the same way?

Assistive Technology is expensive and a making a great choice can be life altering.

 Honest advice from peers and health professionals saves you time, money and ensures you purchase the right tech that is fit for purpose and proud to be in public. 

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Let’s make some noise!

The adaptive community has the power to influence design for the future. So let’s get talking. We want to hear your voice and learn all about the products that have changed your life and those that have made you pull out your hair.

By partnering with organisations, universities, hackerspaces and adaptive designers who dare to be different we strive towards a future full of smart, accessible, affordable technology. So we can all live our lives a little more Eazilee.

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